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Expert-Led Dialogues

Benefit from the collective wisdom of over 100+ expert speakers, including policymakers, regulators, and leading global investors. Their shared insights are set to enhance your strategic planning and decision-making. See who spoke at 2023

Key Industry Insights

Gain a competitive edge with critical insights and deep dives into industry intelligence. Explore key topics like ESG, PE Investing, Venture Debt Market, and more, through focused discussions over two immersive days. Conclave 2024 Agenda

Exclusive Industry Reports and Resources

Stay informed with the latest industry research and exclusive reports launched at the IVCA Conclave. These resources are instrumental for professionals looking for in-depth knowledge and data-driven insights. Access the 2023 reports

Unparalleled Networking Opportunities & Strategic Alliance Formation

The IVCA Conclave is renowned not just for its unmatched networking sessions but also for fostering the strategic alliances that catalyze business growth and open up new avenues for investment. It is the platform where industry leaders, global investors, and influential policymakers converge to build relationships that transcend the typical networking event. Here, you will connect with a diverse mix of stakeholders to initiate long-term collaborations that redefine portfolios and set the stage for transformative business ventures. Engage with key players across industries to unlock collaborations and funding opportunities that could significantly enhance your portfolio. Meet the industry leaders and discover 2023 highlights to inspire your next strategic move.

In-Depth Industry Analysis

Delve into sessions that provide an in-depth analysis of current market conditions, regulatory changes, and their economic impacts. These discussions will help you understand how global trends are shaping the Indian alternative investment landscape. Conclave 2024 Agenda

Policy Impact Briefings

Gain privileged insights from policy impact briefings led by government representatives. These sessions offer a unique opportunity to understand the factors influencing the direction of the industry and the future of investment in India. For a broader view of the event's comprehensive discussions, including policy impacts, browse the 2023 event highlights and dive into more detailed accounts in RIPE magazine

Celebrating Excellence – The IVCA PE/VC Awards 2024

The IVCA PE/VC Awards are the epitome of recognition within the alternate capital community, marking a celebratory highlight of the IVCA Conclave. This prestigious ceremony pays homage to the past year’s outstanding achievements, casting a spotlight on the luminaries and trailblazers who have made significant strides in private equity and venture capital across India.

These awards serve as a testament to the innovation, resilience, and unyielding pursuit of excellence that are the hallmarks of our dynamic industry. Recognizing exceptional feats in fundraising, strategic exits, and impactful initiatives, the IVCA PE/VC Awards are not merely accolades but beacons that set the standard for success and inspire the entire community to aspire for greatness.

For a detailed history of the awards, including an overview of last year's winners, please visit the Awards section. Additionally, for an engaging recap of the ceremonies, explore the award presentations and event highlights on our YouTube channel.